Current interests

Motivated by the idea to understand our current financial system and to contribute to a sustainable world, I investigate during my PhD questions regarding the subject of Sustainability and Financial Economics.


Research in progress

  1. Financial Complexity and Seller’s Margin: An Experimental Study, with M. Chesney and F. Fattinger.

Over the last few decades financial markets experienced a significant increase in complexity. Financial complexity in terms of financial innovation is considered to arise in response to both market imperfections and inefficiencies, while it provides institutional and retail investors with the benefit of sharing risk efficiently. Applying the methods of experimental economics, we analyze systematically the demand side sensitivity with respect to several features of structured products. Preliminary results suggest that subjects indeed overvalue more complex prod- ucts and that seller’s margins increase with respect to complexity.



On-going Projects

  1. Asset Pricing – Derivative Produkte und ihre Systemrisiken, with M.Chesney, B. Maranghino-Singer and L. Münstermann, forthcoming in Springer Verlag.

Textbook for Undergraduate students on the subject of asset pricing and system risk